Welcome, Weary Traveller. Rest Awhile And We’ll Talk About Old Times.

Retro Adventurer Magazine is the new journal for old Adventurers.  If you like Text Adventures, Point and Click Adventures and good old Game Books, this is the magazine you’ve been hanging around Zork and Duck for.  Launching in March 2020, every  paper-based issue will be packed with retrospective features, reviews, interviews, old style hints and tips, maps and walkthroughs.  There will also be a ‘Traders Market’ for those enterprising pilgrims amongst us with something to sell.

Retro Adventurer Magazine will be published four times a year and can be bought either by as released or by subscription.  Subscriptions, as history has taught us, always work out a bit cheaper.

The mag has been (slavishly) based on the late, lamented Micro Adventurer Magazine that ran for 17 issues between late 1983 and mid 1985 and was an undoubted highlight of my young adventure gaming life’ every issue was a treat to read and it was an essential part of many adventure game lover’s life.  It’s exactly that we want to capture with our new publication: to make it an essential part of a certain generations life.

We hope you join us on this new adventure down an old path to meet some familiar faces, some half-remembered locked doors and many, many fond memories of a period in time when battling with dragons, trolls and balrogs was just in a day’s work.

John S. Savage