Issue One

Issue one of the magazine is released on March 5th 2020, and we promise it’s going to be packed with the kind of content we old-school adventurers will love:

A new interview with the man who brought us all to the dance, Scott Adams; including reader’s questions.
An overview of the great man’s adventure writing career.
Retro reviews of the first twelve original games.
A review of Adventureland XL
A detailed overview of the games of Charles A, Sharp, budget Interactive Fiction’s mystery man.
We go back to the start of Game Books with an extensive retro-review of Warlock of Firetop Mountain.
We look back on the wonderful but, sadly, short-lived Game Book Magazine Proteus.

We will have part one of an ongoing look back at individual issues of Micro Adventurer, the mag, without which, this one wouldn’t exist.
We’ll also bring you reviews of games and books old and new, maps, walkthroughs, a good old fashioned hints and tips page, news of books and games in development, and much, much more.